Month: July 2017

Episode 20: The Prisoners of Beast Island

The horde is ramping up its campaign of domination – with new equipment, an emboldened Catra, and the recruitment of Rattlor – but the Great Rebellion has a secret weapon: an unconfident, inexperienced dragon named Sorrowful. She-Ra (with new ice powers) and her new princess pal Castaspella thwart an attack on Bluestone, but Sorrowful is…

Episode 19: A Friend in Need

Well, we’re talking about a popular cartoon in the 80s, so we were bound to encounter an anti-drug episode. Ileena, an old friend of Teela’s, drops by, and after a close call on her robot horse in the geyser fields (yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds), she starts looking for a dose of bravery….

Episode 18: The Missing Ax

Thad an Kyle - The Missing Ax

This episode was a fun one for us. We follow young Thad and Kyle, a couple of first-rate liars who almost get Bow killed with their nonsense. Of course, it’s all kind of their father’s fault since he let them borrow his ax. Lucky for everyone, She-Ra knows a fib when she hears one. We…

Episode 17: Dragon Invasion

We learned a lot in this episode about teamwork, pet care and controlling others. Skeletor catches some sass from Beast Man as he gathers too many dragon-related artifacts, Orko really wants his friends to work together, and Teela is a dragon whisperer. We also have some time to discuss ole-timey photography and what to do…