Episode Schedule

For the organized/loyal/curious/obsessed, here is a rundown of our complete schedule for the show. As explained in Episode 25, beginning with Episode 26, we will be reviewing the most important He-Man and She-Ra episodes in order, so that we complete our show by around September of 2018. This format update should help us pick up the main story threads and cover the breadth of the world while maintaining a good pace in both He-Man and She-Ra.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll be skipping anything – we’ll be covering all the episodes in between our “important” episodes through high-pressure lightning rounds every four weeks or so. Shows that contain lightning rounds are notated with an asterisk. Throughout the remainder of the show, we also expect to continue our fine tradition of silly songs, skits and special episodes for holidays and various MOTU media.

Thanks for joining our adventure! We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Main Episodes | Lightning Round Episodes

Main Episodes

This table shows the schedule for episodes reviewed during our monthly lightning rounds.

Show Date Episode Name
She-Ra: Horde Prime Takes a Holiday*
He-Man: Creatures of the Tar Swamp
She-Ra: Enchanted Castle
He-Man: Dawn of the Dragoon
She-Ra: The Stone in the Sword*
He-Man: Evilseed
She-Ra: The Crystal Castle
He-Man: Prince Adam No More
She-Ra: Book Burning*
He-Man: The Taking of Grayskull
She-Ra: The Unicorn King
He-Man: The Search
She-Ra: Into the Dark Dimension*
He-Man: Trouble in Arcadia
She-Ra: Welcome Back, Kowl
He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special
He-Man: The Witch and the Warrior*
She-Ra: Loo-Kee Lends a Hand
He-Man: Origin of Sorceress
She-Ra: Of Shadows and Skulls
He-Man: Fisto’s Forest*
She-Ra: Magicats
He-Man: To Save Skeletor
She-Ra: Anchors Aloft, Parts 1&2
He-Man: Disappearing Dragons
She-Ra: One to Count On*
He-Man: The Arena
She-Ra: Out of the Cocoon
He-Man: Into the Abyss*
She-Ra: The Pearl
He-Man: Fraidy Cat
She-Ra: The Time Transformer
He-Man: The Rainbow Warrior*
She-Ra: The Caregiver
He-Man: Battle Cat
She-Ra: The Perils of Peekablue
He-Man: The Greatest Show on Eternia*
She-Ra: The Locket
He-Man: The Good Shall Survive
She-Ra: Bow’s Magical Gift
He-Man: Teela’s Triumph*
She-Ra: Sweet Bee’s Home
He-Man: Happy Birthday Roboto
She-Ra: Glimmer Come Home
He-Man: Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere*
She-Ra: The Inspector
He-Man: Visitors from Earth
She-Ra: Shades of Orko
He-Man: Search for a Son*
She-Ra: Assault on the Hive
He-Man: The Games
She-Man: Swiftie’s Baby
He-Man: The Problem with Power*
Masters of the Universe Movie


Lightning Round Episodes

This table shows the schedule for episodes reviewed during our monthly lightning rounds.

Lightning Round 1 – show #26 – “Horde Prime Takes a Holiday”
Show Date Episode Name
5-Sep He-Man: Colossor Awakes
5-Sep He-Man: A Beastly Sideshow
5-Sep He-Man: Reign of the Monster
5-Sep He-Man: Daimar the Demon
5-Sep He-Man: Quest for He-Man
5-Sep He-Man: The Royal Cousin
5-Sep He-Man: Song of Celice
5-Sep She-Ra: King Miro’s Journey
5-Sep She-Ra: Friendship
5-Sep She-Ra: He Ain’t Heavy
5-Sep She-Ra: Return of the Sea Hawk
Lightning Round 2 – show #30 – “The Stone in the Sword”
Show Date Episode Name
3-Oct He-Man: The Return of Orko’s Uncle
3-Oct He-Man: Wizard of Stone Mountain
3-Oct He-Man: Ordeal in the Darklands
3-Oct He-Man: Orko’s Favorite Uncle
3-Oct He-Man: The Defection
3-Oct He-Man: A Tale of Two Cities
3-Oct He-Man: Search for the VHO
3-Oct She-Ra: A Loss for Words
3-Oct She-Ra: Three Courageous Hearts
3-Oct She-Ra: The Crown of Knowledge
3-Oct She-Ra: The Mines of Mondor
Lightning Round 3 – Show #34 – “Book Burning”
Show Date Episode Name
31-Oct He-Man: The Starchild
31-Oct He-Man: The Dragon’s Gift
31-Oct He-Man: The Sleepers Awaken
31-Oct He-Man: It’s Not My Fault
31-Oct He-Man: Valley of Power
31-Oct He-Man: House of Shokoti Part I of II
31-Oct He-Man: House of Shokoti Part II of II
31-Oct She-Ra: Small Problems
31-Oct She-Ra: The Eldritch Mist
31-Oct She-Ra: Bow’s Farewell
31-Oct She-Ra: The Price of Freedom
Lightning Round 4 – show #38 – “Into the Dark Dimension”
Show Date Episode Name
28-Nov He-Man: Double Edged Sword
28-Nov He-Man: The Mystery of Man-E-Faces
28-Nov He-Man: The Region of Ice
28-Nov He-Man: Orko’s Missing Magic
28-Nov He-Man: Eternal Darkness
28-Nov He-Man: Keeper of the Ancient Ruins
28-Nov He-Man: Return of Evil
28-Nov She-Ra: Play It Again, Bow
28-Nov She-Ra: The Reluctant Wizard
28-Nov She-Ra: Friends Are Where You Find Them
28-Nov She-Ra: A Talent for Trouble
Lightning Round 5 – Show #42 – :The Witch and the Warrior”
Show Date Episode Name
26-Dec He-Man: Return of the Gryphon
26-Dec He-Man: Temple of the Sun
26-Dec He-Man: City Beneath the Sea
26-Dec He-Man: Teela’s Trial
26-Dec He-Man: Dree Elle’s Return
26-Dec He-Man: Game Plan
26-Dec He-Man: Quest for the Sword
26-Dec She-Ra: Troll’s Dream
26-Dec She-Ra: Gateway to Trouble
26-Dec She-Ra: The Anxious Apprentice
26-Dec She-Ra: Zoo Story
Lightning Round 6 – Show #46 – “Fisto’s Forest”
Show Date Episode Name
23-Jan He-Man: Castle of Heroes
23-Jan He-Man: The Once and Future Duke
23-Jan He-Man: The Return of Granamyr
23-Jan He-Man: Pawns of the Game Master
23-Jan He-Man: Golden Disks of Knowledge
23-Jan He-Man: The Huntsman
23-Jan He-Man: The Remedy
23-Jan She-Ra: Treasures of the First Ones
23-Jan She-Ra: Glimmer’s Story
23-Jan She-Ra: Enemy with My Face
23-Jan She-Ra: The Rock People
Lightning Round 7 – Show #51 – “One to Count On”
Show Date Episode Name
20-Feb He-Man: The Heart of a Giant
20-Feb He-Man: The Cat and the Spider
20-Feb He-Man: The Energy Beast
20-Feb He-Man: Day of the Machines
20-Feb He-Man: The Gamesman
20-Feb He-Man: The Rarest Gift of All
20-Feb He-Man: The Great Books Mystery
20-Feb She-Ra: Huntara
20-Feb She-Ra: Micah of Bright Moon
20-Feb She-Ra: The Price of Power
20-Feb She-Ra: Birds of a Feather
Lightning Round 8 – Show #54 – “Into the Abyss”
Show Date Episode Name
20-Mar He-Man: Island of Fear
20-Mar He-Man: The Ice Age Cometh
20-Mar He-Man: Betrayal of Stratos
20-Mar He-Man: The Shadow of Skeletor
20-Mar He-Man: Trouble in Trolla
20-Mar He-Man: Attack from Below
20-Mar He-Man: A Trip to Morainia
20-Mar She-Ra: For Want of a Horse
20-Mar She-Ra: Just Like Me
20-Mar She-Ra: My Friend, My Enemy
20-Mar She-Ra: The Wizard
Lightning Round 9 – Show #58 – “The Rainbow Warrior”
Show Date Episode Name
17-Apr He-Man: Things That Go Bump in the Night
17-Apr He-Man: Three on a Dare
17-Apr He-Man: Just a Little Lie
17-Apr He-Man: One for All
17-Apr He-Man: Jacob and the Widgets
17-Apr He-Man: The Littlest Giant
17-Apr He-Man: Trouble’s Middle Name
17-Apr She-Ra: Unexpected Ally
17-Apr She-Ra: The Light of the Crystal
17-Apr She-Ra: Jungle Fever
17-Apr She-Ra: Black Snow
Lightning Round 10 – Show #62 – “The Greatest Show in Eternia”
Show Date Episode Name
15-May He-Man: Journey to Stone City
15-May He-Man: A Bird in the Hand
15-May He-Man: The Time Wheel
15-May He-Man: Search for the Past
15-May He-Man: Hunt for He-Man
15-May He-Man: Not so Blind
15-May He-Man: Revenge is Never Sweet
15-May She-Ra: Darksmoke and Fire
15-May She-Ra: Flowers for Hordak
15-May She-Ra: Wild Child
Lightning Round 11 – Show #66 – “Teela’s Triumph”
Show Date Episode Name
12-June He-Man: The Secret of Grayskull
12-June He-Man: No Job too Small
12-June He-Man: The Bitter Rose
12-June He-Man: The Gambler
12-June He-Man: Orko’s New Friend
12-June He-Man: The Eternia Flower
12-June She-Ra: The Greatest Magic
12-June She-Ra: Return of the General
12-June She-Ra: A Lesson in Love
12-June She-Ra: Something Old, Something New
12-June She-Ra: Loo-Kee’s Sweety
Lightning Round 12 – Show #70 – “Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere”
Show Date Episode Name
10-July He-Man: Battle of the Dragons
10-July He-Man: Time Doesn’t Fly
10-July He-Man: Beauty and the Beast
10-July He-Man: Orko’s Return
10-July He-Man: Monster on the Mountain
10-July He-Man: The Magic Falls
10-July He-Man: Mistaken Identity
10-July She-Ra: Above It All
10-July She-Ra: Day of the Flowers
10-July She-Ra: Brigis
10-July She-Ra: When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed
10-July She-Ra: Romeo and Glimmer
Lightning Round 13 – Show #74 – “Search for a Son”
Show Date Episode Name
7-Aug He-Man: The Toy Maker
7-Aug He-Man: Bargain with Evil
7-Aug He-Man: Capture the Comet Keeper
7-Aug He-Man: The Ancient Mirror of Avathar
7-Aug He-Man: To Save the Creatures
7-Aug He-Man: The Cold Zone
7-Aug She-Ra: Just the Way You Are
7-Aug She-Ra: She-Ra Makes a Promise
7-Aug She-Ra: Portrait of Doom
7-Aug She-Ra: Hordak’s Power Play
7-Aug She-Ra: The Bibbet Story