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If you’ve ever held a stick aloft and called down the power of Castle Grayskull – or if you’re just a fan of fantasy, 70s/80s pop culture, guitars, writing and personal stories – we hope you’ll join our ongoing conversation about He-Man and She-Ra at The Wizard’s Nightshirt podcast.

This is a weekly review show – like a cartoon book club. Every Tuesday, we review an episode “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” or “She-Ra: Princess of Power” and discuss storylines, fashions, toys and memories of growing up in the early 80s. We also make time for sweet guitar licks, skits, interviews and listener discussions. (Heck, we even tracked down an old school fundraiser prize, just because the subject came up.)

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Episode 27: Creatures from the Tar Swamp

Does Prince Adam have any normal relatives? His cousin Edwina is visiting this week, and she bought along her Boston Brahmin accent as well as some good burns on the palace’s royal court. You might have already guessed that Orko gets twirly love eyes for her, which sets in motion all kinds of trouble. We…

Episode 26: Horde Prime Takes a Holiday (Lightning Round 1)

We begin our first episode following the new episode guide aboard The Velvet Glove, Horde Prime’s flagship. And we get our first sight of Horde Prime! He’s going on vacation, presumably with Bermuda shorts. This gives Hordak the perfect opportunity to point the spaceship’s cannons at Eternia and Etheria. Skeletor wants the ship for himself,…

Episode 25: Like Father, Like Daughter (Special)

Can you believe we’ve recorded over a day’s worth of He-Man and She-Ra chit-chat? This is our twenty fifth episode, and it’s a great one. This week, we’re reviewing a really fun Teela episode in which Teela must rescue her father after he’s captured by a pterodactyl outside an old fort. Luckily, Teela knows when…

Episode 24: The Laughing Dragon

Remember how the first Sorrowful the Dragon episode made it seem like we had missed something? The production and broadcast order was a mess-around this time, so we’re just now seeing Sorrowful’s origin story. Don’t worry – Sorrowful’s not the important part of the story. The part we care about is Imp (who likes to…

Episode 23: Evil-Lyn’s Plot

You know you’re in for a good episode when it involves ore and smelting. Skeletor heard tell that the Widgets – a society of dopey gnomes – are guarding a powerful ore called Cordite, the same material from which He-Man’s harness was forged! With a little of that ore, Skeletor believes he could defeat his…

Episode 22: The Peril of Whispering Woods

What a rich episode! This one has everything: a petulant princeling, a dunking booth, world lore, and even overt political overtones about chemical warfare. You may need to consult your encyclopedias to keep up. Along the way, we discuss morality and switching sides, as well the power you can access through long glorious hair. Show…

Episode 21: Masks of Power

As Rebekah reminds us in this episode, it’s basically never a good idea to go hunting for ancient objects of power. They’re pretty curse-ed. But, I guess nobody told that to Sorceress. She’s sending Prince Adam on an errand (along with Man-at-Arms and Orko) to collect the Masks of Power from some old temple. Folks…

Episode 20: The Prisoners of Beast Island

The horde is ramping up its campaign of domination – with new equipment, an emboldened Catra, and the recruitment of Rattlor – but the Great Rebellion has a secret weapon: an unconfident, inexperienced dragon named Sorrowful. She-Ra (with new ice powers) and her new princess pal Castaspella thwart an attack on Bluestone, but Sorrowful is…

Episode 19: A Friend in Need

Well, we’re talking about a popular cartoon in the 80s, so we were bound to encounter an anti-drug episode. Ileena, an old friend of Teela’s, drops by, and after a close call on her robot horse in the geyser fields (yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds), she starts looking for a dose of bravery….