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Episode 27: Creatures from the Tar Swamp

Does Prince Adam have any normal relatives? His cousin Edwina is visiting this week, and she bought along her Boston Brahmin accent as well as some good burns on the palace’s royal court. You might have already guessed that Orko gets twirly love eyes for her, which sets in motion all kinds of trouble. We…

Episode 25: Like Father, Like Daughter (Special)

Man-at-Arms Carried by Pteradactyl

Can you believe we’ve recorded over a day’s worth of He-Man and She-Ra chit-chat? This is our twenty fifth episode, and it’s a great one. This week, we’re reviewing a really fun Teela episode in which Teela must rescue her father after he’s captured by a pterodactyl outside an old fort. Luckily, Teela knows when…

Episode 19: A Friend in Need

Well, we’re talking about a popular cartoon in the 80s, so we were bound to encounter an anti-drug episode. Ileena, an old friend of Teela’s, drops by, and after a close call on her robot horse in the geyser fields (yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds), she starts looking for a dose of bravery….

Episode 11: Teela’s Quest

Yay – it’s another Paul Dini episode! And it’s a good one. Finally, Teela gets to whoop up on some folks. However, it must be said: this is the clearest case of Hashtag-Tell-Teela that you will ever see. If you can get past this fact, there’s a lot to enjoying, including a barn burner performance…