As Rebekah reminds us in this episode, it’s basically never a good idea to go hunting for ancient objects of power. They’re pretty curse-ed. But, I guess nobody told that to Sorceress. She’s sending Prince Adam on an errand (along with Man-at-Arms and Orko) to collect the Masks of Power from some old temple. Folks say the temple is still haunted by its old rulers. And how! These pastful frumpos are back, and they have their own plans. Meanwhile, Skeletor employs two would-be evil warriors to spy on He-Man and Friends and see just what they’re up to. Along the way, we get talking objects, some scoutmaster talk and enjoys some commands from falcons. And! Scott favors us with some excellent tips for mastering the He-Man mobile game “Tappers of Grayskull.” Two of us are addicted.

Show Notes:

0:00:00 – Episode Start
0:00:27 – Introductions
0:04:30 – Robot Spies in the Jungle
0:07:16 – Ancient Power (Let’s Not and Say We Did)
0:10:26 – Skeletor Temps Inc.
0:12:20 – Scoutmaster Talk
0:15:44 – Ghost Head!
0:17:33 – Dowdy Old Rulers Make an Appearance
0:19:27 – Jowls and Scowls
0:19:50 – Sword of the Ancients
0:21:07 – You Heard the Falcon
0:21:36 – Gorilla Posture
0:24:24 – “Kwahts”
0:25:04 – Snake Mountain Intruders
0:26:41 – Redecorating
0:27:38 – Sword Room
0:31:10 – My Bad
0:32:21 – Moral
0:33:41 – Ratings
0:35:41 – Tappers Tips with Scott
0:40:10 – Farewells
0:41:00 – Episode End