Evil-Lynn with Coridite

You know you’re in for a good episode when it involves ore and smelting. Skeletor heard tell that the Widgets – a society of dopey gnomes – are guarding a powerful ore called Cordite, the same material from which He-Man’s harness was forged! With a little of that ore, Skeletor believes he could defeat his muscle-headed arch-nemesis. Evil-Lyn thinks she can use a disguise to trick the Widgets into showing her the Coridite, and (as usual) gets too excited about her plan at the last minute. This episode also gets bonus points for featuring a sad farmer and a new type of livestock. Another great Paul Dini episode. And, you know what? The Widgets really weren’t that annoying. Good voice work. But you be the judge and let us know if we’re wrong.

0:00:00 – Episode Start
0:00:29 – Introduction (Birthdays, Rough Morning at Chucky Cheese)
0:06:10 – The Situation in Eternia
0:08:20 – Widgets
0:12:33 – Sekeletor and Acceptable Pets
0:16:23 – The Assault and the He-Man Signal
0:19:46 – The Slotto and I
0:23:06 – Evil-Lyn’s Reasonable Plan
0:25:46 – An Eternia Ten
0:28:07 – The Dopes Fall For It
0:29:56 – Calm Down, Evil-Lyn
0:30:52 – Code of Scotturabi
0:31:44 – Witch Talk
0:33:03 – Meanwhile, at Volcano Cove
0:35:00 – On Crysytal Skulls
0:37:07 – Back at Volcano Cove
0:39:29 – Crush That Amulet
0:41:10 – Moral
0:43:06 – Farewells