Tag: Ram Man

Episode 35: The Taking of Grayskull

It’s a big day in Eternia – it’s Orko’s birthday! But no one seems to have remembered. They’re too busy trying to figure out why Castle Grayskull has disappeared. It seems as though Skeletor has toted Sorceress and her castle off to a dimension on the other side of a white hole. Now He-Man and…

Episode 31: Evilseed

When a new villain threatens Eternia, the Masters of the Universe must fire up the party line and recruit Skeletor to their cause. During the adventure, we get chummy with “Rammi,” save some gnomes, revel in the depths of Skeletor’s selfishness, and have some thoughts about an odd word choice in an era before Google….

Episode 17: Dragon Invasion

We learned a lot in this episode about teamwork, pet care and controlling others. Skeletor catches some sass from Beast Man as he gathers too many dragon-related artifacts, Orko really wants his friends to work together, and Teela is a dragon whisperer. We also have some time to discuss ole-timey photography and what to do…