Thad an Kyle - The Missing Ax

This episode was a fun one for us. We follow young Thad and Kyle, a couple of first-rate liars who almost get Bow killed with their nonsense. Of course, it’s all kind of their father’s fault since he let them borrow his ax. Lucky for everyone, She-Ra knows a fib when she hears one. We also take a moment to indulge painful memories about losing toys as a child. Oh, and this is a Mantenna episode! There’s a lot to like about this one, but our judging system is fickle and capricious – so stay on your toes! Listen and tell us what you think about the whole affair.

Show Notes:
0:00:00 – Episode Start
0:00:27 – Introductions
0:01:18 – Ax Me a Questions about Something You Lost
0:09:10 – Horde Bullies
0:12:13 – Paul Simon to the Aquarium
0:19:18 – Mach’s Children are Liars
0:24:18 – The Lie
0:32:14 – At the Market
0:36:50 – Adora to She-Ra in Five Seconds
0:39:15 – She-Ra Smells Lies
0:42:24 – Good Advice for Young Men
0:45:52 – Experiments to Improve Loo-Kee
0:48:11 – Ratings
0:50:01 – Farewells
0:41:22 – Episode End