Well, we’re talking about a popular cartoon in the 80s, so we were bound to encounter an anti-drug episode.

Ileena, an old friend of Teela’s, drops by, and after a close call on her robot horse in the geyser fields (yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds), she starts looking for a dose of bravery. An escaped convict wizard is only too happy to oblige (in disguise as an old woman). Of course, the “drug” we see in this episode is really a magic potion with withdrawal effects, but He-Man pretty clearly spells out the message during his moral.

Along the way, He-Man has plenty of other unrelated paternal advice. And we think Man-at-Arms is saying “taters” a lot. Plus, we discuss the flatulence-muting properties of a proper sorcerer’s robe.

Also, we check in with a friend of mine who has never before seen an episode of He-Man or She-Ra to get his take on the show. It’s a fascinating and hilarious talk.

Show Notes:

0:00:00 – Episode Start
0:00:27 – Introductions
0:00:04 – Episode Summary and Thoughts
0:06:32 – DARE talk
0:09:33 – Adventure Begins (Tater Talk)
0:11:16 – Jarvan’s Look and Gas Wizards
0:13:16 – Ileena’s Pitifulness
0:16:55 – Fun at the Geyser Park
0:18:38 – Jail Clothes
0:19:56 – Disaster
0:21:04 – Adam’s Lazy Rescue
0:23:40 – Ileena’s Illicit Potion
0:25:52 – Nail Watch with Scott and Rebekah
0:28:10 – Hamid’s Hot Take
0:40:47 – Ileena is Feeling Up
0:42:26 – Transmute the Economy
0:44:49 – Air Car Licensing
0:49:46 – Alexa Wars
0:51:28 – View Finders and Rich Ruxpin Kids
0:54:36 – The Showdown
0:58:50 – The Moral
01:01:23 – Ratings
01:04:03 – Farewells
01:04:46 – Prison Pals
01:04:56 – Episode End