Man-at-Arms Carried by Pteradactyl

Can you believe we’ve recorded over a day’s worth of He-Man and She-Ra chit-chat? This is our twenty fifth episode, and it’s a great one. This week, we’re reviewing a really fun Teela episode in which Teela must rescue her father after he’s captured by a pterodactyl outside an old fort. Luckily, Teela knows when to disobey orders and has invented a sweet laser lasso to corral Skeletor’s “unstoppable” serpentoid army. Along the way, we discuss Inside Voices and the three buttons on Trap-Jaw’s control panel.

But the fun doesn’t stop there: We’re sharing some exciting details about our plans to highlight “important” He-Man and She-Ra episodes going forward, and we’re introducing a high-stakes, nerve-wracking lightning round to satisfy our completionist tendencies. Plus, make sure you listen until the end! We recorded a special song just for you guys. We hope you like it!

We’ve got a ton of exciting plans to keep the show fresh, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Show Notes:

0:00:00 – Episode Start
0:00:30 – The Big One
0:02:10 – Cootie Catcher Game
0:05:58 – Show Setup (We Should Talk about He-Man)
0:06:33 – Steering toward Projects
0:10:40 – Skeletor’s Plan (without a Ruby, We Guess)
0:15:30 – Teela Takes STEM Classes
0:16:52 – TellTeela Campaign is Back
0:17:40 – Nice Shorts, Mom Clothes and Shades, He-Man
0:20:56 – The Good Kind of Mold in Castle Grayskull?
0:23:30 – Finally, Some Specifics
0:25:21 – The Lasso Lab and Inside Voices
0:30:23 – Trapjaw’s Three Buttons
0:30:56 – Orko’s Infatuation
0:33:23 – At Stardica Fort
0:34:21 – A Pterodactyl in the Mix
0:35:29 – Man-at-Arms Babydoll
0:36:16 – Action and Ore
0:38:24 – He-Man Quips
0:41:18 – Teela Coming in Hot
0:43:36 – First-Name Basis in the Lab
0:46:09 – Find Duncan
0:47:04 – At the Palace
0:47:24 – The Moral (Winking Practice)
0:48:44 – Ratings

0:50:25 – Taking Stock So Far
0:53:00 – Ratings Roundup
0:56:06 – Important Show News
1:02:49 – A Special Treat Song
1:06:38 – Farewells
1:07:38 – Fun!
1:07:44 – Episode End