Tung Lashor and Students

This week’s episode explores the dangers of controlling information. Naturally, Hordak would try such an insidious tactic. He’s trying to encourage obedience to the Horde by burning all the books in Etheria that are critical of his regime. To execute his censorship campaign, he has enlisted the help of Tung, Rattlor and Cory – a dirtbag child, who is thrilled by the opportunity to inform on his peers.

It’s up to Adora, the rebels and a prim school teacher named Serena to save Etheria’s history and preserve the truth about the Horde’s wicked ways. They get off to a rocky start with some creepy costumes, but some snake-man teachers make it pretty clear to the school children who the bad guys are. Then Cory teaches us some valuable lessons about literacy.

Despite some fun silliness and some wild plot choices, this story managed to touch on something pretty moving and important. There’s a lot to like about this one.

We’re also tackling our third lightning round this week! Scott and I split a two-parter, and Rebekah discovers an episode that you shouldn’t skip. Come join our conversation, and then tell us what you think!

Show Notes:
0:00:00 – Episode Start
0:00:28 – Introductions
0:03:52 – Episode Setup
0:05:00 – Our Premise (Good Will Rattlor)
0:06:13 – A Familiar Story
0:09:53 – Act I
0:10:07 – Corn Sacks of Trustworthiness
0:14:54 – Curriculum Complaints
0:16:41 – Cruddy Playground
0:18:52 – Hordak’s Anti-Literacy Campaign
0:20:12 – “We’ll Talk Later”
0:22:04 – Book Club is Hoppin’
0:23:50 – Today, Your Teacher is Snakes
0:24:21 – Act II
0:24:38 – Free the Teacher
0:25:30 – Illicit Materials
0:28:21 – Act III
0:28:43 – The Fright Zone School District
0:31:41 – She-Ra’s Power Source
0:33:32 – Are Those Hordesmen Okay?
0:35:36 – Bullies Can’t Read
0:36:32 – Loo-Kee’s Ominous Message
0:37:53 – Ratings
0:40:13 – Lightning Round
0:40:44 – He-Man: The Starchild
0:42:45 – He-Man: The Dragon’s Gift
0:45:12 – He-Man: The Sleeper’s Awaken
0:47:05 – He-Man: It’s Not My Fault
0:49:09 – He-Man: The Valley of Power
0:51:27 – He-Man: The House of Shokoti: Part I
0:53:00 – He-Man: The House of Shokoti: Part II
0:55:14 – She-Ra: Small Problems
0:57:07 – She-Ra: The Eldritch Mist
0:58:53 – She-Ra: Bow’s Farewell
1:01:13 – She-Ra: The Price of Freedom
1:02:41 – Closing Thoughts
1:04:07 – Episode End