Tag: Loo-Kee

Episode 36: The Unicorn King

Oh, to glide beneath the rainbows, to prance among the clouds, to whinny at the heavens. It’s great to be a unicorn and make your home among friends on Unicorn Island – as long as a cybernetic strongman doesn’t invent the planet’s first submarine and discover where you live. When danger comes calling, the Unicorn…

Episode 32: The Crystal Castle

How did She-Ra find the Crystal Castle? The 1985 children’s toy market wants to know. But who are we kidding? We’re grown, and we’re still dying to find out! And, thank goodness we got an explanation, because the last time we met Light Hope, She-Ra was shooting the breeze with the guy like they were…

Episode 12: Duel at Devlan

This week, we find out once and for all whether a nine-foot-tall party robot with a face in his stomach can make up for insufferable doofy woodland creatures and Madame Razz pancakes. I won’t tip our hand but … it was close! The good news is – all the foolishness makes for a good show….