The Unicorn King - and Troopers Show

Oh, to glide beneath the rainbows, to prance among the clouds, to whinny at the heavens. It’s great to be a unicorn and make your home among friends on Unicorn Island – as long as a cybernetic strongman doesn’t invent the planet’s first submarine and discover where you live. When danger comes calling, the Unicorn King must overcome his distrust of humans and work with She-Ra and her unicorn pal Swift Wind to protect the island. Join us to see how Lisa Frank a She-Ra story can get. Along the way, we’ll talk about unicorn candy, animal ethics and a really nice moment between She-Ra and the unicorn king.

Bonus Horde Troopers Piece:
But that’s not all! We’re introducing a really fun piece that we produced over the weekend. Inspired by the TV show COPS, we’re following Horde troopers Greg and Bob as they keep peace in Etheria. By the end of the show, you’ll be singing “bad villagers!”

Show Notes:

0:00:00 – Episode Start
0:00:28 – Introductions
0:02:50 – Unicorn Candy
0:05:00 – Episode Setup and Horse Talk
0:10:00 – Act 1
0:10:37 – On the Growling Sea
0:13:19 – Did You See Him?
0:14:52 – Unicorn or Horse
0:16:10 – Light Hope Improvements
0:17:16 – Defcon One for Little Girls
0:19:07 – Horde Troopers Show!
0:26:41 – Act II
0:27:16 – She Got Her Own Punch
0:28:12 – In the Presence of the Unicorn King
0:29:06 – Animal Ethics
0:32:21 – TNG and Bright Wing
0:36:22 – Act III
0:36:36 – Trusting Humans
0:37:25 – Mantenna the Coward
0:38:38 – Give Her a Minute, Horses! (Why Didn’t We Think to Say “Hold Your Horses?”)
0:41:04 – Shame Raft
0:42:44 – Loo-Kee, You’ve Been Made Redundant
0:44:38 – Ratings
0:47:35 – Closing Thoughts (and Whinnying)
0:49:04 – Arm Wrestle
0:49:36 – Episode End