Shadow Weaver and Skeletor from "Of Shadows of Skulls."

The only person happier to see Skeletor in this She-Ra episode is old bonehead himself. Much like one of Thin Lizzy’s boys who are back in town, our favorite villain is reveling in his glorious return. And we have Shadow Weaver to thank for his appearance.

Still stinging from a harsh rebuke after a failed attack on the rebels, Weaver promises Skeletor all the resources he’ll need to conquer Eternia if he’ll help her overthrow Hordak. Eager to exact his revenge and gain the advantage over poor King Randor, Skeletor readily accepts, with obvious intentions to double-cross his new ally when the opportunity presents itself.

In moments, he’s capering through the countryside with manic delight – hurling lasers, cackling at the heavens and conjuring bone gazebos in an ambitious bid for power. Meanwhile, Imp tests the patience of the Horde, and Shadow Weaver shrewdly navigates the mess she’s made for herself. On the rebel’s side, we encounter mysterious wind chimes and, once again, question their battle tactics.

To help us make sense of these goings-on, we’ll discuss a harrowing canoe race and a great band with a hot horn section. Also, despite what you’ll hear, experts agree that you should run from alligators in a straight line. We trust this will all make sense when you listen. And after you do? Shoot us an email with your thoughts.

Show Notes:

0:00:00 – Episode Start
0:00:28 – Introductions
0:01:06 – Setup
0:01:44 – Alliances
0:02:21 – A Harrowing Jamboree and False Promises
0:05:47 – Initial Thoughts
0:06:21 – Act One
0:06:37 – Battle Tactcs of Ripped Bummers
0:08:12 – Gator Talk … and Chicago
0:10:27 – Hordak’s Wrath and Imp Taunts
0:11:51 – Act Two
0:12:18 – Shadow Weaver’s Ally
0:12:52 – Spikor
0:14:12 – Peachy
0:14:41 – Light Hope Summons
0:15:20 – We’re Gonna Try This Again (It was Late)
0:16:15 – Shadow Weaver and Skeletor Ambush the Convoy
0:17:12 – A Duel of Great Nonsense
0:18:35 – Act Three
0:18:50 – Bone Gazebo
0:20:51 – At the Rebel Camp, AND WHAT ARE THOSE CHIMES?
0:23:18 – Hordak, You Sleeping?
0:25:23 – Magic Plus Tech
0:25:53 – Skeletor in Charge
0:26:36 – Rebels Square Off
0:28:30 – The Big Secret
0:29:30 – Back to Bad
0:29:55 – An … Adult? Moral
0:31:04 – Ratings
0:33:26 – Closing Thoughts
0:34:42 – More Closing Thoughts (It was Late)
0:35:44 – Episode End