He-Man and She-Ra Episode Ratings

These are our ratings for every episode we’ve seen of “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” and “She-Ra: Princess of Power.” Our judgment is capricious and fickle, our criteria erratic, but our scores are final. They’re endorsed by the the First Ones and etched into the stone of Harpy Mountain. Stay tuned to see how He-Man and She-Ra’s adventures are shaping up!

Episode Number Score Currency
He-Man: The Cosmic Comet S1-E1
She-Ra: Into Etheria S1-E1
Mantenna Legs
He-Man: The Shaping Staff S1-E2
Kings of Nothing
She-Ra: Beast Island S1-E2
Spirit Gallops
He-Man: Disappearing Act S1-E3
Wolf Bats
She-Ra Unchained S1-E3
Rainbow Ponies
He-Man: Diamond Ray of Disappearance S1-E4
She-Ra: Reunions S1-E4
He-Man: She-Demon of Phantos S1-E5
She-Ra: Battle for Brightmoon S1-E5
He-Man: Teela’s Quest S1-E6
Memory Projectors
She-Ra: Duel at Devlan S1-E6
Villager Pies
He-Man: The Curse of the Spellstone S1-E7
Reticent Attak-Trak
She-Ra: The Sea Hawk S1-E7
Sea Elves
He-Man: The Time Corridor S1-E8
Spider Milks or Orko Cakes or Will Brains
She-Ra: The Red Knight S1-E8
Laser Bubble Blasters
He-Man: Dragon Invasion S1-E9
Eternian Silvers
She-Ra: The Missing Ax S1-E9
Scruffer Pigtails
He-Man: A Friend in Need S1-E10
Gold Plants
She-Ra: The Prisoners of Beast Island S1-E10
Castaspella Breadsticks
He-Man: Masks of Power S1-E11
Masks of Power
She-Ra: The Peril of Whispering Woods S1-E11
Dunking Booths
He-Man: Evil-Lyn’s Plot S1-E12
Coridite Amulets
She-Ra: The Laughing Dragon S1-E12
Imp Balls
He-Man: Like Father, Like Daughter S1-E13
Pterodactyl Tickles
She-Ra: King Miro’s Journey S1-E13
Code Violations
He-Man: Colossor Awakes S1-E14
Fire Jewels
She-Ra: Friendship S1-E14
Respectable Friends
He-Man: A Beastly Sideshow S1-E15
Earth Pepper
She-Ra: He Ain’t Heavy S1-E15
Lazy Prisoners
He-Man: Reign of the Monster S1-E16
She-Ra: Return of Sea Hawk S1-E16
Dashing Suitors
He-Man: Daimar the Demon S1-E17
She-Ra: A Loss for Words S1-E17
Imp Chests
He-Man: Creatures from the Tar Swamp S1-E18
She-Ra: Horde Prime Takes a Holiday S1-E18
Tropica Vacations
He-Man: Quest for He-Man S1-E19
Back Scratchers
She-Ra: Enchanted Castle S1-E19
Low Gully Jug Band Tickets
He-Man: Dawn of Dragoon S1-E20
She-Ra: Three Courageous Hearts S1-E20
Glowing Books
He-Man: The Royal Cousin S1-E21
Petulant Cousins
She-Ra: The Stone in the Sword S1-E21
Grizzlor Boots
He-Man: Song of Celice S1-E22
Haunting Songs
She-Ra: The Crystal Castle S1-E22
Haunting Songs
He-Man: The Return of Orko’s Uncle S1-E23
Magic Beans
She-Ra: The Crown of Knowledge S1-E23
He-Man: The Wizard of Stone Mountain S1-E24
Monkey Pants
She-Ra: The Mines of Mondor S1-E24
Bow Ballads
He-Man: Evilseed S1-E25
Small Tracks
She-Ra: Small Problems S1-E25 Horde Inspector Kowls
He-Man: Ordeal in the Darklands S1-E26
Combat Drones
She-Ra: Book Burning S1-E26
Jailed Teachers
He-Man: Orko’s Favorite Uncle S1-E27
Beautiful Visitors
She-Ra: The Eldritch Mist S1-E27
He-Man: The Defection S1-E28
Mr. Gorguhns
She-Ra: Bow’s Farewell S1-E28
Twigget Mewlings
He-Man: Prince Adam No More S1-E29
Shadow Beast Horns
She-Ra: The Price of Freedom S1-E29
Ehterian Ore
He-Man: The Taking of Grayskull S1-E30
White Holes
She-Ra: Play It Again, Bow S1-E30
He-Man: A Tale of Two Cities S1-E31
Undercover He-Mans
She-Ra: The Reluctant Wizard S1-E31
Search for the VHO S1-E32
Mechanical Eels
Friends Are Where You Find Them S1-E32
The Starchild S1-E33
Unremarkable Outfits
A Talent for Trouble S1-E33
The Dragon’s Gift S1-E34
Irish Stereotypes